Pleasure Pathways

Pathways to a New You

I am PollyAnna. I have dedicated my life to the education and care of others.  As the owner of Pleasure Pathways, I instruct meditation and intimacy practices using thousands of years old Tibetan Tantric, Taoist, and Non-violent Communication education. This practice is a holistic healing modality. It can assist you in obtaining your most pleasurable life. Our ultimate goal should be a life without suffering. I can help you to expand on your natural ability to feel good about yourself and the world around you using your own sexual and non-sexual practices. Authentic Tantra® coaching can be an uplifting educational endeavor and personal journey. Tantra is the highest form of yogic practice and can be used to heal the mind and body from past traumatic experiences that may originate in physical or emotional forms. Let me instruct you on how to set up your sacred space to even further your new experiences. 

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